Search engine optimization campaign (SEO campaign) is the art and science of getting more leads, increasing visibility, and improving rankings. An effective SEO campaign is one that creates compelling on-page content, improves the architecture of the website, and attracts backlinks. If you are wondering why you are not being able to get the required traffic on your website, then you need to check your SEO campaign.

What Actually A SEO Campaign Is?

After the outbreak of coronavirus, most of the businesses have moved to the online world. Hence, the competition is also shooting up. It was only the internet that is moving the world virtually. So, people want their business to be seen on the first page of Google resulting in a steep rise in competition. Therefore, every task done should be well-performed and planned. SEO campaign helps to do that. It is a long-term strategy that is dynamic including content audit, keyword research, SEO analysis, link building, on-page optimization. It is a very cost-effective solution to achieve the aim and object.

GOAL- A campaign has specific measurable goals. To improve Search Engine Rankings. For that, a set of defined steps are to be followed.

What Comprise Of SEO Campaign Strategy?

Competitor Analysis:

SEO strategy begins with analyzing what your competitors are doing and what is proving right for them. There are many tools that help here and get to know site authority, paid search, display advertising, backlinks, organic search, and traffic engagement.

Diagnosing Your Website:

There are many issues that prevent the website to be ranked on the first page of Google. Most prominently, broken links, absence of alt attributes, etc. Using the Site Auditing Tool, you will get to know all the issues and figure out the prioritization process.

Keyword Research:

Both primary and secondary keywords should be identified for each and every page. The competitors can also be analyzed what all keywords they are using. It will help to get on track.

High-Quality Content:

Good quality and error-free content has become the oxygen these days, without it, no business can survive. Using the right set of keywords, compelling content should be written. Try to write better than your competitors, it helps to attract Google crawlers’ attention. Highly optimized content helps to generate interest among the readers and drive more traffic. Make sure you stay away from keyword stuffing. It deviates readers from getting converted to sales.

Optimizing On-Page SEO:

The internal elements of the website are optimized at this point. The main motive is to let readers read the content more easily and crawl by search engines. Elements of the web pages include meta descriptions title tags, H1 tags, keyword density, etc.

Engagement Through Social Media:

Any SEO campaign is incomplete without social media planning in it. Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can increase page ranking and drive huge traffic. Technology is helping to measure and track the intended audience and their behavior regarding the posted content.

Link Building:

As discussed in other blogs as well, thoughtful link building is a crucial part of any SEO campaign. It helps to boost page rankings but one thing that must be kept in mind is the quality. Sometimes, in order to build more links, we think of compromising the quality.

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Let’s begin the journey of creating a successful and effective SEO campaign.

Step 1: Finding the right set of keywords

Search engine optimization campaign gets projected with making content better suited for search engines. To make it visible for the Google crawler, keywords are needed to be added to the content. It also helps to target the right set of keywords, offer user experience and rank the website on top pages.

The keywords should be useful, good, competitive, and to attain them you can use the Google Keyword Planner tool. Also, targeting the keywords that are followed by the competitors is a tactic. Make all possible variations of search terms related to your product or service. Find low competitive keywords and sort them to create well-performing content. Use tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs and make the process effective for yourself.

Step 2: Content Optimization

For this step to be successful, you have to first identify what your readers are looking for and what are their expectations when they find it. Finding the right keyword is just the beginning, your content writers must have the art of using them in the right way. Otherwise, all the efforts will go in vain. Also, thoughtful external and internal links are to be added along with writing well-researched content.

Note: Your content must fulfill the demands of search engine algorithms to come closer to the top rankings of the search engine. Main factors include- title tag, meta descriptions, page URL, images, and respective alt tags.

While finding the digital marketing company for your brand, make sure you convey your goals clearly.

Try To Write Long And Better Content: Longer and well-written content perform a lot better than short articles. Search the trending articles, read what your competitors are writing, and brainstorm ways how you can write better than them.

Visuals: Adding graphics, memes and videos has become a part of content writing. All these visuals make your article more readable and tend to get more shares. Hence, in this way you can reach more people, boost search visibility and provide a better user experience.

Authoritative and Credible Content: With the rise of sources of knowledge on the internet, the credible ones are decreasing. So, you must provide only correct information to your readers to build trust. Also, write on fresh topics and display expert knowledge on them.

Step 3: On-Site Optimization

You are done with keyword research and content creation, now it is time to optimize the content. If you are a first-time marketer, you have to go the extra mile to make things happen. The best practices of SEO include using short URLs, putting keywords in meta descriptions. Also, adding synonyms of keywords, and using internal links from one page of your website to other is important.

Step 4: Building Backlinks

From the topic of the linking site to using the right anchor text, building backlinks include all these steps. Incorporate the procedure into social media strategies and content creation to get organic backlinks. You can make effective link-building strategies while considering-

  • Creating infographics: A well-research infographic is worth reading more than 1000 words. People want simple things and with the help of an easy visual hierarchy. Create infographics that contain all the information in a very simplified form. It should be shareable, creative and in this way, you can get quality backlinks.
  • Writing guest posts: It is one of the most trustworthy and effective ways to gain backlinks to authoritative websites. All you need is the right approach to pitch a particular website and write unique and compelling content so that they agree to post it on their website.
  • Promoting content: Search for websites that are open to having weekly roundups of related content and get more readers on your best content. If you are an experienced brand, make sure you send them a weekly or biweekly e-blast.
  • Repairing and identifying broken backlinks: If you find any broken link, visit the site’s webmaster and report a broken link. Then offer a productive link to your website as a replacement.

Step 5: Monitoring Your Performance

To come to the position of making the best SEO campaign, you should be open to listening and identifying your mistakes. Your vision should be to improve every time you do any task. Analyze certain KPIs and milestones to reach the conclusion. Some of the quantifiable and important metrics include organic traffic, ranking position in Google, backlinks, visits, social shares, and comments. Site authority is another big factor related to your SEO campaign. The backlink profile determines how well you have worked on the SEO campaign.

An increase in organic traffic shows how well the campaign has worked. The greater number of users means your website was seen by many people. Google Analytics is the best tool to analyze all these parameters.

The Bottom Line

Specific and measurable goals will help you to reach the destination quicker. Allocate proper time to promote content with internal and external methods. You need to be patient to be successful in creating an effective SEO campaign. Grind through the process and develop a methodology and insights. For that, you need to use a set of the right tools to get the best results. Launching SEO campaigns will become easy when you have gained experience. Make sure you monitor SEO performance every month and improve your results. Don’t forget to pay attention to the off-site promotion of your website. Nothing to worry about. Digital Brains Tech is there to serve with result-oriented digital marketing services. Stay connected to our SEO services company to get the best services at a very affordable price. Our proficient and articulate professionals will follow all the steps properly to bring the best results for you. Your success is our success.

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