Implementing digital marketing actions without a plan and a predetermined strategy can lead to failure. Not planning leads to not considering all the aspects that can lead to the development of the various components. Determining a specific audience (individual buyer), business objectives and an appropriate value proposition are some of the keys if you want to know how to make a successful digital marketing plan.

The importance of a digital marketing plan is that without it you will not know who your online audience or market share is or who your existing competitors are. Before developing the steps, you need to master the online reach of your company, the objective and the channels in which you must be present. Radio and television advertising are usual way of advertising.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing, called online marketing, is the make use of of the Internet and social media networks with the aim of getting better the marketing of a service.

Social Media Marketing is fraction of Digital advertising although it is a thought that emerged numerous years afterwards.

Digital marketing

It is a form of online marketing that makes use of new media and technological and digital marketing channels. Thanks to the power of technology, you can make personalized products and services and calculate the whole thing that occurs to get better your experience.

What are the types of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a adaptable tool that join methods to adapt to every sector of the digital market, offering a complete benefits. Until now, you should previously be familiar with the definition of this discipline completely. If not, we will be reminiscent you in a few words: digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is a set of commercial and advertising actions and strategies executed in digital media, such as websites, blogs, forums, social networks and more.

Content Marketing: 

Content marketing meets actions and method based on generating information that will assist you set up your brand in the market and digital media. Through content marketing, your potential customers become your real customers; you strengthen the presence of your brand on the web and promote the positioning of your site online. So use content that satisfies the thirst of your target audience.

Inbound marketing:

It is a set of marketing actions based on providing useful and valuable information to potential users, always considering the motto: “make your customers find you, not you .” The essence of this type of digital marketing is to share the content of interest to users without using aggressive techniques to only commercial aspects. In the first instance, worry about the user’s needs, and then offer them your products.

Relational Marketing:

It is intended to generate profitable relationships with customers. In relationship marketing: “the customer is the focus, and understanding it is the purpose.” This type of digital marketing considers the client as the most important element in digital strategies, leaving aside the product and/or service to dedicate itself entirely to understanding and understanding the needs and desires of potential users. To get good ranking one must aware about top SEO trends

Conversational Marketing:

This type of digital marketing orients its efforts in getting your customers to speak well of your brand and your products and / or services; For this, both factors must meet the specific conditions that lead your customers to recommend you to other people for a pleasant experience they have obtained with your brand. Conversational marketing goes far beyond commercial interest, it not based on selling, and its essence lies in ensuring that the customer gets a unique and valuable experience.

Permission Marketing:

It is the newest type of digital marketing on the market and therefore the least common. The permission marketing bases its efforts on achieving the client gives permission for the brand to share information about their products and/or services and additional information. Despite being a rarely used strategy, it is one of the most important. 

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Different Reasons about why your company needs a Digital Marketing tactic?

Many companies have digital marketing strategies that do not worry about reviewing or studying the data that the actions they carry out report to them, so they may be allocating efforts, whether economic, time, or personnel, to actions that do not involve no improvement or benefit. Other companies do not even consider this type of action due to issues such as lack of budget or resources when it is vitally important for a company and you can work with specialized SEO services, which for less than we think they can help us in this area and can help us strengthen and increase our number of clients or our sales percentages.

1- I Do Not Know In What Position I Am

When we get in the car and go to a place that we do not know, the first thing we do is activate our GPS to position ourselves and head on the right path. The GPS locates us, gives us our current position and gives us an estimated time of arrival. A digital marketing plan will perform a similar function: Is my company currently in the digital world? What about my competitors? What presence does my brand have? Can I do more things? Am I going to improve? What are my strengths and weaknesses? Good digital marketing planning will solve these and many other questions and will provide us with effective solutions for our company.

Make a value proposition with your digital marketing plan, this will help differentiate your services and encourage new and current customers to participate and remain loyal to your brand.

Be very clear that if you do not locate yourself as soon as possible, other companies will do it before you.

2- I Don’t Know If I’m Doing It Right

A well-executed digital marketing strategy will help us define our goals in the digital world. Do I have goals? Having these clear objectives is vital to planning the different ways to achieve them, there are a lot of misconceptions or outdated around digital marketing, so having a professional digital marketing services provider company that performs these tasks is crucial. It is of no use to us to publish on social networks if we do not analyze the results or we are not able to respond to a comment or even a complaint, this can even harm our brand.

If the objectives to be achieved are not clear, it is difficult to quantify what resources we assign to each one and therefore it is very difficult to evaluate their success. This can make us move away from our main objective which is to sell more.

An increasingly common tactic is for companies, lacking their marketing department to hire specialized agencies to develop this specific marketing plan. Many trust this external work for life and others use it for a time to form part of their team in these tasks, this option is very good since no one understands your product better than you, but as long as this training is carried out from the hand of qualified people in digital marketing.

3- Information Is Power

Thanks to this planning and analysis of results, we will obtain invaluable information: who are our leads? Where can I get them? How can we transform them into customers? We must not walk blindly or address crowds that do not bring us anything.

This technique is vital. Once analyzed, we can understand their search options, the information or the service they demand and generate content and actions specially designed to meet these needs. If I know what my clients are looking for, I can generate valuable content for them and provide a service that may not generate a sale at this time but will keep visitors in the memory for a future purchase action or service provision.  Content marketing experts do scheming and implement a powerful content marketing strategy(Guest Posting).

93% of adults always carry a mobile phone with them. It is a direct access route to your needs, to your demands, to your heart in many cases. Digital marketing allows us to use techniques that make our clients empathize with our brand in the right way.

85% of searches at the local level are made from a mobile and one in 3 searches turns into a sale. 

Are we going to give this plot to the competition?

When discussing information, it is very important to know some data such as our famous ROI ( return on investment) or return on our investment. A good digital marketing strategy will allow us to measure and analyze a series of key data, thus knowing in real time some metrics that will help us improve our strategies.

4- What Works And What Doesn’t?

Thanks to the analysis of a digital marketing strategy we can identify the most effective actions for our brand. Is the content that I publish useful? Are they following me on social networks? Is it useful for me to organize some massive action such as a raffle? Is twitter serving me?

Believe it or not, digital marketing saves money for companies that use it optimally. 40% of companies that define a correct digital marketing strategy recognize that they save money compared to what they used to do and 30% of companies increasingly value allocating a part of their budget to digital strategies.

5- Do You Have Goals? … Let’s Define Them

A digital marketing plan gives us a roadmap, some specific steps to follow to achieve the objectives we set. If we do not have clear goals, it is very likely that we will not use the appropriate resources to achieve the objectives and we will not appreciate the benefits of them, and if we do not dedicate enough effort, our competitors will win this share of the digital market.

6 – Who Is Going To Help You With This?

The most valuable part of a good digital marketing strategy is the definition and implementation of the tools to use as well as its methodology to obtain the aforementioned results.

Do not stay only in the quantitative and also analyze the qualitative, so you can identify your weaknesses to users and you can improve them.

Do you think you can do it? Do not hesitate to ask for help from a digital marketing expert who will give you new keys and sales options. Every website can have Analytics but not all companies spend the necessary time to review it.

Once you have implemented a digital marketing strategy, keep improving all aspects that you can. Let your current clients help you and ask them to publish their opinion on the internet, 90% of users trust the opinion of other users more.

7- Investment In Digital Marketing Translates Into Conversions

This investment can bring us leads, subscriptions or even sales, the objective of digital marketing is to optimize these conversions by focusing on improving SEO or SEM positioning, designing a social media strategy and designing e-mail marketing actions, or establishing the best content strategy among others. 

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What does a Digital Marketer do?

SEO Experts are accountable for identifying new advertising trends, preparation and executing promotion campaigns, and using logical equipment to early recognize weaknesses and solutions to make a company’s brand understanding, passage, and leads, through from one or more complimentary and paid digital channels such as Search engine optimization, email, social media, SEM, affiliates, forums, as well as a corporation website or blog.

Digital marketing

It is a broad term that encompasses different types of specialties and experts in online marketing. Within a usual advertising team, you can discover all kinds of digital marketers with precise roles and tasks, such as:

An email marketer

A being who works with copywriters and web designers to craft automatic email sequences, newsletters, and sales emails to help you stay associated with new or real clients. Email marketing approach plays a huge role in digital marketing.

A content marketer

 Develop publications, case studies, white papers, videos, and other content to help you build trust and authority among your potential customers and generate high conversion traffic to your website.

The PPC specialist

 A person who designs ad campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, Bing, and Google so that you can augment brand name consciousness and drive sales is called PPC Specialist. PPC campaign management help to get quality traffic.

An SEO expert

A person who optimizes every last page of your website so that you rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages) of search engines for very specific keywords and generate free organic traffic is called SEO Expert. SEO services offered by specialist assist to get better position of site on diverse search engines.

An affiliate manager

A person who is accountable for judgment and supervision of new and real affiliates to advance endorse your company and spawn new leads and sales is called an Affiliate Manger. For expert it is easy to target audience through different strategies.

The retention specialist

Supervise the customer loyalty programs and initiatives develop regulars so you can increase revenue and the value of the life of the customer.

How to do Digital Marketing?

If you use these steps properly, you will be well on your way to creating a digital marketing plan that allows you to attract more customers and retain new ones. By taking action after each step, the digital marketing plan can be implemented immediately to increase the visibility of your brand and achieve greater success in your business.


Many businesses are unclear about their ideal client, but almost all companies have some clients they like to work with and, let’s face it, some they can’t stand. 


Creating Smart Goals (SMART) gives you lucid way and a method to review whether your advertising is winning or not. SMART objectives are:

  • S-pecific – Specific
  • M-easurable – Measurable
  • A-chievable – Achievable
  • R-ealistic – Realistic
  • T-imely – On time


Strategy is a general approach to how you are going to achieve your goals. This phase is where the famous Marketing Mix strategy of the 7 Ps of marketing can be implemented: product, price, place, promotion, people, processes and presence.


Once the general strategy of your action plan is clear, it is very important to mark on a calendar the dates and deadlines in which the actions and tasks that must be completed to advance your digital marketing plan will be carried out.


As you start gathering all the costs to proceed with your marketing plan, you may be over budget. Just go back to the previous phases and adjust your action plan until you get an affordable combination – the key is to never stop having an established digital marketing plan! Don’t worry about the most expensive tactics so far you can afford them.


It is imperative that you take advantage of the technologies available in this digital age within your digital marketing plan. You may be surprised how much you can make your budget profitable and save time with the help of these tools -Make use of them!

What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?

Creating an account on a social network is very simple, what is complicated is achieving positive results for our business if we work without a Digital Marketing strategy. If we work knowing the advantages of a digital presence we can make the most of them.

Let’s see some of the benefits of Digital Marketing:

  • Make your brand known: People are probably looking for the solution you offer, with a good online presence you can get them to find you and over time you can position yourself in your field through your publications.
  • Reflect your values: It is likely that you are not the only person offering the solution you sell, however, it is through the personality of your brand and the reflection of your values ​​in your publications that you will show why you are different.
  • Create a relationship: You achieve the participation of your customers with ease by becoming an accessible brand. By benefiting interaction with your community and involving them in your creative and informative posts, you create a strong relationship.
  • Gain trust: When you create a relationship with your followers, you gain their trust and become prospects, ambassadors and clients of your brand.
  • Communication effectiveness: You can customize your publications and advertisements for specific audiences because you know exactly what audience you are communicating with. 
  • Promotion accessibility: Digital Marketing is the most effective form of Marketing today, you can obtain excellent results with a small advertising investment since you pay when you reach your target audience, which makes it a very profitable investment.
  • Immediate feedback: You have the ability to know what your customers and your target audience think quickly thanks to social networks. Whether they contact you to share an experience or ask for their opinion on new products or promotions, this will increase the positive impact you have with your community.
  • Valuable data: Everything is measured in the digital world so you can check the effectiveness of your actions at all times and adapt your strategy to increase your performance.


Digital marketing is very important for digital marketers. Digital marketing is the perfect business opportunity for digital marketers. 

This is a growing business area. Digital marketing is all about using new technologies to reach your marketing goals. The same goes for digital marketing teams and marketing departments.

However, finding digital marketing is a useful concept because you only need the skills to use digital technology. It is an active growth area. So don’t neglect the luck of digital marketing.

In a short span of your life, digital marketing will make all your dreams come true. Digital marketing is a place where someone can build a career with less effort. It takes patience to achieve your goals.

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