Marketing is the primary key that helps a business to reach greater heights. It gives you a platform where one connects the industry with the customers. With people being what makes the firm successful, we need to strategize our marketing ideas and acquire a considerable success margin. 

Every marketing strategy uses SEO services to optimize its work to result in a ratio.

A small business turns into a multi-million project if they have the correct marketing tools.

But these services can be costly, making it difficult for small firms to use them. But, there is an alternative available.

So, what exactly are the top online marketing tools which are compatible with small businesses.


It is one of the best software available, which includes customer, marketing, and sales data. It is a brilliant tool that helps in improving your business. There are different packages available, and based on the level of sophistication needed, one can choose whatever they want. And not just that, but Hub Spot also helps you integrate many other marketing products.


It is the top email marketing tool that makes your work a lot easier. It automates the whole email marketing platform and also provides you with subscription and landing pages. With an easy drag and drop option and with multiple templates at your hand, this is one of the best marketing tools available. It also has features like advanced tracking, Analytics, and many more.


It is an email delivery system that is completely designed based on the cloud platform. It makes not just offline but online working more efficiently as well. It sends newsletters, updates, and immediate mails automatically. It is designed using AI optimization, which helps you to send a billion emails at a time.

Buzz Sumo

This software connects the business and an influencer. The help of top influencers is indeed a significant advantage.

In video

It is a simple video editing platform that has the best-inbuilt features one can find. It helps you in making custom videos and also to convert blogs into motion pictures.

Send X

This sophisticated marketing tool helps you to reach your target audience more quickly via email marketing. With features like email pop up, landing pages, and many more, this platform has revolutionized the online marketing system. It also helps you cross-check whether or not you sent the right email to the right customer at the appropriate time.


It is the tool that makes it possible for you to display social proof on the website. It is indeed the easier way to convince your target audience. With just a minimal number of steps, you can download this feature on your devices. It will help you present your social media pages, video testimonials, and many more to your target customers.

Survey Anyplace

This application allows you to build your templates for the surveys based on the requirements with unique features. It makes sure that you use accurate data, and it is not a mystery that accuracy is indeed the key to success.


It is a calendar service that also helps you in content brainstorming. It helps in collaboration and also assists in sharing ideas in a much more efficient manner. It also helps in planning and scheduling your content.

Mail Chimp

It offers multiple features like Email templates, website traffic tracking, and many more. It automates your mails and can be downloaded for free, especially for small businesses.

Google Analytics

As the name suggests, Google analytics is a widely used tool to tabulate customers’ data and interpret them. These interpretations can be later used to determine different marketing strategies. It will further help you to recognize the likes and dislikes of your customers. Not just that, it also helps you in growing your profit margin.

Screaming frog

One of the best software out there will help you find bugs in your SEO content. It recognizes duplicates in your content, page titles, metadata, and many more.


It is one of the most convenient, cheapest, and the best graphic design and social media design tools available in the market today. Different templates and features will help you design your content to attract the target customers.


It helps you in collaborating your work among multiple employees.

Hot Jar

It entirely concentrates on customer analytics. By interpreting these results, it helps you in growing your business. With multiple features like heat maps, surveys, and many more, it is one of the best applications available in the market today.

Crazy Egg

This tool helps you to collect data or information and analyze your customers. These tools will help you learn how exactly your customers are using your website, what they are looking at, how long, and areas of friction that hinder conversion by increasing the page’s credibility and usability. This tool benefits every business marketing team out there.


It is one of the best social media tools. Large businesses also use it, but smaller companies benefit a lot by using this tool.

Hot suite

It helps you in social media scheduling and many other applications. In this application, all the social engagement and many more available features work. Therefore, the need to go to and fro between multiple services can be eliminated. Key influencers and hashtags can be identified, too.

Follower Wonk

It helps you to find the target Twitter accounts if your customers have them. It also allows you to analyze the demographics so that you can strategize accordingly at a later time.


It is one of the best tools out there for rate optimization. With the ability to run tests continuously, it will help you in lifting your revenues. The tag that says ‘Experiment everywhere’ offers in-depth and personalized features that make the application special. They have the best workflow management schema and a powerful experimentation engine.

Online digital marketing tools are indeed the best bet one can have to grow your organization to greater heights. Using the right services makes this process much more productive and, most importantly, much more efficient. So do check up on all the latest technologies before you make your decision.

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