White Label PPC services is a technique where an agency hires a PPC advertising third party to manage their client’s PPC campaigns. The outsourced company handles the campaign using the best tools and processes. The agency gives all the responsibilities to the third party from creating reports to dashboards. An important aspect here is that the third party creates reports using the logo and contact details of the agency. 

You might be wondering about using the word ‘white label.’ The fact that another agency has taken care of the client’s PPC campaign is not revealed to it. The agency’s name is used even if the third party has done the entire work. The brand name of the agency would be used which is why it is called white label PPC. The relationship stays in-house. 

Why Do Agencies Prefer White Label PPC?

Agencies Prefer White Label PPC

Agencies found it very helpful to hire a service provider or a third party and outsource their client’s PPC campaign. Below are mentioned the following benefits.

Expert Minds at Work:

It is not a fact that every agency would have all kinds of experts in-house. When they outsource their work to an experienced service provider then they can expect proficient output as adept professionals are available. It ensures improved results and better campaign implementation with minimum speed bumps. Agencies take personalized action as per your requirements. They would create ads, write compelling content, and then also monitor your paid search campaign. Also, the task of selecting the right and high-performing keywords, managing bids, and giving a detailed report is their responsibility.

Time Promptness:

When you hire efficient white label PPC services, you don’t need to worry about anything. Experienced professionals complete all the tasks on time because they have the required tools and experience. When you have specialists working for you, then you have a lot of time to focus on other business tasks. Most agencies use state-of-the-art tools and software and they implement the power of branding in a competitive era without taking much time. 

Facebook Ads Certified Experts:

Success in the PPC campaign requires mastery over theoretical concepts as well as practical implementation. It is very complicated. But when you partner with a white label PPC service provider, you don’t need to worry about creating FB ad campaigns. The agency is designed to achieve your specific business objectives. Digital Brains Tech is an efficient PPC campaign management company that is your way to success in lead generation. It makes the most of your every cent. Their tailor-made and result-oriented business strategy is their strength. They strive for excellence and the best outcome, which is why they have been delivering out-of-the-ordinary services to hundreds of clients. 

End-to-End Services:

PPC consists of many services such as Remarketing Ads. When you hire a white label PPC service provider then you don’t need to worry about the lost leads. Agencies bring back missed opportunities and bring more opportunities for you. They also take the responsibility of campaign management. They also improve the landing page, manage your bid, and provide you with comprehensive services. 

Ease of Tracking Real-Life Metrics:

Click-through rates are very important to be considered. It is also important to consider ROI and track the results. If you are looking for regular updates and monitoring of your results, then white label PPC services will be helpful for you. The white-label efforts should be traced. You can get ROI reports from the service provider & get your performance proof and analyze the graph. 

Huge Number of Clients Means Diverse Portfolio:

A company might have the experience of handling multiple clients but agencies tend to acquire a stronger portfolio because their expertise and knowledge are subsequently higher and better. They have dozens of clients in the same sector and have acquired the proficiency to get excellent client outcomes.

No Fixed Cost:

When you don’t have a continuous workload then having an in-house team of digital marketers can add extra cost to you every month. When you hire a white label service provider to handle your PPC stuff, then you can cut the extra cost and have a deal with them when you have clients to handle. 

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Get PPC Clients with the Following Tips

Get PPC Clients

If you are an agency that is looking for more PPC white-label clients, then you can look at some of the best techniques you can use.

Sales Intelligence Tools:

When it comes to the world of online marketing, everything in sales has drastically changed. Having a great pitch is not enough. A lot of data is available in the digital marketing world and PPC also involves data. Picking the right sales intelligence tool will help you generate an automated report stating your prospect’s current performance across important channels. It will also include SEO, reviews, listing, digital advertising, and many more. You can then create customized solutions for them rather than providing general one-size-fits-all solutions. It will give you an edge.

Club your Services:

You can offer them a bouquet of services, such as adding white label PPC services to digital marketing services. So, you can build an attractive portfolio and showcase your skills to your prospective clients in a diverse area. It is one of the best ways to display your experience. In the beginning, you can also take up on a few clients at a discounted price.

Free PPC Audits:

You can also try offering free PPC audits to clients. It is an effective and lucrative way to attract them. You can highlight your expertise areas and industries served already. You can show your clients their areas of improvement in their ongoing PPC campaigns and tell them how you can add value to their online presence and paid marketing with your white label PPC services.

Networking and Partnerships:

Reaching out to other agencies and companies can lead to referrals. You can also engage on social media platforms, and industry events, and participate in online communities as well to build healthy networks and connections.

Cold Outreach:

it might seem like an old-school method, but trust us, it still works today. It can benefit your PPC services and help you get new clients. You can build a personalized proposal highlighting how your services can benefit the client. 

Keep Your Strengths Ahead:

If you want to become the best PPC management company, then you should learn how to articulate your strengths in front of others. It is an art to showcase to others how you are in the best position to offer the best value to a client. It will help you to position yourself competitively against other service providers such as freelance PPC experts, advertising agencies, in-house PPC specialists, and more. Craft a compelling note stating your USPs and make your say in the competitive world. You can write in detail and also use client testimonials as well.

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