It might be very strange to you but PPC is a direct lead generation tool. It has become a compelling and influential way to generate leads as it has effectively taken over Search Engine Optimization. Not only for B2C companies, but PPC ads are also useful for B2B companies. 

PPC is good for lead generation because, with the growing impact of social media and social selling, there is no fixed stage of lead conversion. It can happen at any stage of the process. So, it becomes a competent and proficient method to generate efficacious online leads for business. Yes, it is a fact that you must have a killer lead-generation campaign.

You must know the right strategy to build an effective PPC campaign, for that, you can also avail of PPC services to get better results. 

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using PPC for Lead Generation?

1. You Can Track Every Bit of It:

The numbers in PPC make it easy to measure the exact cost per lead. When you pursue any traditional types of marketing such as radio, pamphlets, newspapers, etc. it is hard to know data and exact figures about how many leads your business has received. Paid search, on the other hand, can track all data via different platforms such as email, phone calls, and email. It will help to analyse where the first stage of the sales process is done.

Therefore, the main advantage of tracking the numbers is to have the ability to compare the cost of getting leads from distinctive methods as well as making changes in the marketing campaign as per requirements.

2. Focus On What Matters the Most:

You can reduce the noise and filter out unwanted traffic. Here, the noise is those people who are used to visiting several websites before clicking on advertisements. Also, it helps to filter out the noise by analysing the number of accidental clicks and reaching out to productive results.

3. Expansion and Progress:

Giant companies such as Facebook, Bing, Netflix, and many more internet giants earn a lot through advertising. Numerous billionaire companies in the world make the most of their revenue by selling ads, clicks on search pages, YouTube, and Display Network. But it is an ever-evolving field, the platforms which these big internet giants have been using have been expanding and progressing and continuously setting different trends. 

4. Boundless Resources of WWW:

With PPC, you can explore the vast expense of the WWW. PPC allows you to reach out to customers nationwide. Unlike other advertising platforms, PPC is a great way to advertise your services and products. For example, if your business is related to digital marketing services in the UK, then you can advertise your services not only in the UK but also in other parts of the world with the help of PPC or CPC.

5. Get In Touch with Your Customers:

You can reach the same people again and again & do retargeting. It is because PPC allows you to show the respective ads to people who have already made an interaction with your advertisement. It holds significant power because a customer needs seven exposures to your brand before taking action. With the help of PPC, you can showcase your brand to such potential customers. This remarketing strategy gives effective and innovative methods for maintaining a lasting presence in the audience’s minds.

6. Reach Through Multiple Channels:

With the use of PPC, you can put your ads on multiple channels. You can use a multi-channel approach but you can tailor your spending and you don’t need to spend an equal amount on every channel. Try A/B testing to analyse which platforms are giving the best results as compared to others. If you have put ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords ads and other platforms, then you can prioritize budgeting accordingly. Sometimes, money is not the main concern when it comes to the quality of the platform. 

7. Easy to Start Using PPC:

Before starting a campaign, you don’t need to wait for a long time. You can easily start a PPC campaign using Google Ads as well as start generating leads.


PPC is going to be the ruler in the digital marketing world as it helps to find potential customers. PPC is an effective approach to lead generation, what matters the most here is how to craft and design your PPC marketing campaign. Digital Brains Tech is a proficient name in the digital marketing company that offers a wide range of reliable and productive PPC and other services. You can also talk to the best digital marketing insight and get advice from experts. You can discuss about any kind of questions, and get tips & tricks and best practices for digital marketing. 

Keep PPCing, Keep Growing!!

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