Planning to launch an online marketing campaign? Keyword research is the foundation. If you want to see better results from your research efforts then you should dig deep into the ocean of keyword researching. No matter how many advancements and changes in Google algorithms we have seen, keyword research remains consistently important. The research means finding out who our target audience is and find out what is needed to be done to rank the keywords.

Sometimes digital marketing executives say that they struggle to find the right set of keywords for their brand and then they end up being frustrated. If you are among those or want to sharpen your skills, then stay tuned. In this keyword research guide, you will come across the most important information related to keyword research.

Keyword Research

The keyword is the word that any user enters into the search bar of a search engine to get a response to his query. Any user can think in any way. Reading their mind is quite time-consuming and strategic. But keyword research in SEO serves the purpose. It is like a mother who is trying to understand the language of his infant child. It needs the relation and some tools to do successfully. Using the right keywords makes the users find your content out of endless options available on the internet. Components of keyword research-

  • Keyword search intent
  • Keyword value
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword search volume

Know What People Are Searching On Google

Nothing to worry about, we are living in the 21st century. There is a solution for every problem. Several tools are available to find out what users are writing on the search bar of search engines to solve their queries.

Let us take a look at what those tools are being used by SEO service providers-

1. Google Trends

It helps to find out how a certain topic is popular over a period of time. Google Trends helps to find out this in different languages and across different locations. You can just filter it out and get the data as required. If you want to reap maximum SEO benefits for business, then you must invest in this tool.

2. Google Keyword Planner

If you want to find out the best keyword as per your brand and business, then you need to know this tool. Google Keyword Planner, as the name suggests, gives powerful insights into the behavior of the audience on an online platform. With this tool, you can see what your target audience is finding on the internet. Also, you can come to know how often a certain keyword or long-tail keyword has been used in a particular time frame.

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Tips To Choose The Apt Keywords For Your Campaign

After using the tool you will come across hundreds of keywords, but surprisingly no need to use all of them. There are certain factors on which your choice should depend.

1. Authority

There are many keywords for a campaign already being used by others. Other brands have attained the top positions on the search pages. Such keywords are hard to be competed with. In such situations, concentrate on creating high-quality content. Content is the way through which you can earn the high domain of your website by posting good backlinks.

2. Relevancy

 Not only your content but also your keywords are to be relevant. It is the first step that you need to take care of; if you want to rank well for your campaign. For that, brainstorm what the search intent is and why your product or service can solve the problem of the targeted audience.

3. Determine Volume

Why work on such things which no one is searching for. Determining the volume matters to a great extent. Otherwise, you would be working on something very unwanted keywords. Two factors that are to consider are seasonal and evergreen keywords. Consider keyword clustering also for deciding the volume of targeted keywords.

4. Watch Out Your Competitors

Checking out what your competitors are doing is an important step. It will help you find out the famous and significant phrases they have been using. But remember one thing- don’t just copy them. Some of the phrases and keywords used by them might not be useful for your campaign.

5. Head Terms And Long Tail Keywords To Be Chosen

Short-term, generic phrases, and long-tail keywords- all are to be chosen to get optimal results.

Make Sure You Don’t Commit These Mistakes

When it comes to doing this step right, some people miss some important things or commit some mistakes. If you don’t want all your hard work to get wasted, take care of the following-

1. Sticking To The One Same Keyword Listing

It is a very common mistake that has been seen done by digital marketers. They just forget about finding new keywords and stick to working on the old keyword sheet. It refrains them from getting new chances of competing. Carrying out keyword research only once is not what we would recommend. You should consider all aspects of SEO. So, to get long-lasting results, you need to think in all directions.

2. Beating The Bush

Here it means targeting the keywords that are out of reach, which means, those are too competitive to be worked on. If you do so, the chances are very fair that get your company ranked on the first page of Google in the decided time frame. Some experts also say that, for beginners, getting to even the top five pages is hard.

3. Translating keywords into another language

Yes, it is also not recommended by experts. It is one of the most commonly asked SEO questions. You must not do it. If you are having a multilingual campaign, then you need to go the extra mile and take extra care. Just simply translating keywords into a different language will not work at all.

Tip- for every country, conduct new keyword research from scratch.


Keyword research is a big thing for beginner campaigns. You have to consider all the points covered. In case you need help, then experts are available here at DBT. Digital Brains Tech is a digital marketing company that works with a passion to get you on the top pages of Google.