SEO is one of the most prominent landscapes that has been ever evolving and it is taking a technically advanced, user-centric and ethical approach. The main reason is AI and machine learning being used in search engines. For example, with the advancements of AI tools, SEO is becoming more conversational, so, gone are the days when SEO used to mean- creating backlinks, tracking competitor’s actions and creating a strategy. Now, Google prioritizes high-quality and ethical content production. So, several SEO trends would help you to generate more traffic, rank higher as well and connect with potential customers. Read till the last to stay well-informed so that you can manage well in the constantly changing environment of the SEO industry. 

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Google’s Adoption of AI In Its Search Algorithm: 

In recent years, the growth of AI has kind of fixed its role in the current search algorithm. The surge of large language model tools like Bing AI, ChatGPT, and Google Bard has transformed the way content is consumed. These tools have made a significant impact on SEO and search algorithms. Google uses AI to analyze large amounts of data efficiently because it can understand complex patterns precisely.  Moreover, AI’s ability to generate content is a phenomenon. AI-generated content in the search algorithm stands based on quality and relevance. Not only does it rank authoritative, valuable AI-generated content but Google also uses AI-powered spam detection systems to improve its ability to detect the quality of links.

So, to prepare for it, you should focus on leveraging AI for content generation and concentrate on its relevance. 

Answer Engine Optimization (AEO): 

AEO is the procedure of optimizing content for answer engines and is used to adapt content as per the future scenario and prepare SEO strategies accordingly. Moreover, these are focused on generating information to answer conversational queries for users.  

To do well in this area, you can develop an AEO strategy by creating concise, direct and clear content ingested by ML and AI. You can also execute Q & A style format content such as FAQs in your articles. Also, long-form content with a conversational search.

Additional Strategies to Enhance the Visibility of Your Content for Answer Engines:

  1. Choosing appropriate keywords having a conversational tone that would help in conversational searches.
  2. Creating content that is suitable for snippet use such as short paragraphs, bullet points, tables, etc.
  3. It is important to structure content as per inquiries and common questions of the related topic.
  4. Using schema markup to help Google and search engines understand what the website page is about.

Video SEO

Video content has been used on different platforms in the form of Shorts, Reels, etc. They are a major source of traffic that helps marketing teams in getting it ranked in Google Search Results. If we talk about only YouTube, it is hard to quantify how many videos are there on it but the number to be estimated is 800 million

There are several books and e-materials written to attract audiences with videos. Videos have a key role to play in SEO services because:

  • More than half (51%) of individuals prefer sharing videos over any other form of content.
  • In 2023, a record-breaking 91% of businesses employed video as a key tool for online marketing.
  • An overwhelming 89% of individuals report that watching a video has influenced their decision to purchase a product or service.

Updating Content:

Refreshing existing content is important in rapidly increasing competition. It is vital in maintaining rankings and relevance in the Search Engine Ranking Pages. Moreover, content velocity (content published in a specific period). Every hour, thousands of hours of new content is uploaded on different platforms. Increased content velocity means accelerating the content lifecycle. 

But the shelf-life of content in this highly-paced world is diminishing. Refreshing content comprises a lot of things apart from keeping facts and figures up-to-date such as adhering to SEO best practices and aligning it with users’ intent. In addition to that, crafting different and effective content on the same topic is another way of refreshing existing content. One of the ways is Guest Posting Services. 

This trend can be best practiced by adopting an ongoing procedure of reviewing, updating, and optimizing existing content. What matters the most is relevance and competitiveness. You can use tools to monitor your rankings and set alerts to track any fluctuations and changes in the position in SERP.

Personal Branding: 

The trend of blogger outreach and personal branding will stay on a hike even in 2024. They help to find their true audience as they get a huge engagement and readership. People are using personal branding strategies and it will be adopted by more individuals in the coming year. Google will determine the Experience & Expertise (EEAT) given by the blogger and rank their content.


The number of times that Google crawls and indexes the content is decreasing. Reduced Crawling and Indexing Frequency is another SEO trend that you can follow in 2024 and take one step ahead towards success.