The digital marketing world is diversifying fast and so does all its components. Content marketing has a very significant role to play in the game of digital marketing.

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The saying, “Change is the only constant,” applies perfectly when it comes to trends in content marketing. Simply saying, the techniques and the methods that were used in 2018s have now evolved in the current year. Big marketers across all different industries invest in content marketing and they will continue to follow the pattern. That is why, we’ve detailed the top 6 content marketing trends that you can use to see growth in your business in the coming year. 

1. Real Time Engagement

Content is a very powerful tool to engage with followers by answering questions and it is being best done through livestreaming. Several platforms offer the service, we all know about Instagram Lives, LinkedIn Lives, Facebook Lives, and Pinterest Lives let users invite guests in real-time, which helps to connect with users live. Moreover, consumers can reach the company without going through any traditional channels. This quick customer service helps the customers get the response to their grievances through social media. 

2. Adding A Human Touch To The Content 

We are living in an era where AI is generating content and it is reshaping industries like journalism, marketing, and scriptwriting to a great extent. Though the content created by AI algorithms is scalable, efficient and accurate it lacks a human touch. As we move into 2024, we are getting surrounded by AI-generated content from all directions. So, to stand out from the digital flood all across, it is important to generate content that contains human touch and it can be done in the following ways:

  • Understanding your target audience as well as their pain points
  • Personalized and contextual content
  • Adding a pinch of personal opinions and thoughts to the content
  • Basing content on original research
  • Including screenshots of UGC (User-Generated Content)
  • Writing in conversational language

Another kind of interactive content lives on polls, and quizzes; these help to get some quick insights into your consumers. Guest posting services on different platforms is another content marketing trend that will boost up higher in 2024.

3. Shoppable Content

Big brands are relying on shoppable content to keep customers on their websites and support them in their shopping decisions. Shoppable content features many benefits such as higher conversions, driving more traffic. Also, shoppable posts will be used in paid promotions to target relevant users who are not yet a company’s customers. Also, when the customers are informed about what they are purchasing, it gives them a better idea and confidence in the brand. Also, it results in a seamless buying experience.

We are going to see more brands writing shoppable posts in the coming years. They will enable their customers to know more about the featured product by adding product tags to their social media posts. It will not only lead to improved brand experience but the buying journey will also be shortened. 

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4. Podcasts Have Come To Stay

Podcasts- episodic series of digital audio are available for any topic across the internet.

Podcasts’ average monthly audience size is 116 million people which is about a rise of 61.5% over three years.

Podcasts offer a convenient way for people to consume content while they are on-the-go. Podcasts offer an invaluable advertising opportunity which empowers the audience while multitasking. Podcasts listeners can interact with your company and make a greater impact on podcast’s success and marketing goals. Promoting your products through podcast ads is another way to drive stronger connections and expand the reach. 

5. Quality > Quantity

Google is updating its ranking algorithms frequently and is more inclined towards quality. Earlier, publishing frequency was a significant factor to get higher search engine rankings, then the brands used to publish content consistently and frequently. But somewhere down the line, the quality of the content suffered. But now, in the coming year, there will be greater focus on targeting the production process of the content so that better yield and more effectiveness can be delivered. If you want high-quality connect for your website, then you can connect with digital marketing agency in USA

6. Data Will Be the Foundation

Brands have a renewed interest in data but they have to ask for users’ permission for tracking their IDFA identifier. A data-led content marketing strategy is essential and influential as it lets you to deliver content according to the unique requirements of different audience. With the help of content marketing strategy, the problems faced by the customers can be addressed and hence, in this way, they can be brought closer to a purchase decision.

In The End

Trends are ever-evolving and change is the only constant, we have predicted the top 6 content marketing trends but you never know what the year might bring. Majorly, these tactics are going to get the most customers, and targeted audience.

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