Guest Posting is an SEO strategy to promote brands or products by writing on other websites to get backlinks. Guest posting has been a thing for a very long and surprisingly, Google still counts on it. It is the reason that maintains the importance of guest blogging for link building even after so long time.

The guest posting includes pitching ideas to other high-quality websites, writing on their platform, and bringing referral traffic. It forms a base to help you network with people as per the industry. Everything stands on this path of how well you implement a strategy. Google is sophisticated in detecting manipulative link-building practices and guest posting is one of them. To avoid overdoing it, Google, in its link scheme guidelines, has warned that using large-scale guest posting with optimized anchor text can prove harmful for both the linked and publishing sites.

Apart from building links to your website, you can grab multiple other benefits of guest posting.

In this blog, you will learn the importance of investing in this technique to boost your SEO rankings. 


The guest posting comes with this amazing opportunity to explore an untouched audience. The readers of the publishing site read your blogs and come to know about your products or services offered. Also, reaching a highly targeted audience as per your industry or niche will secure good results for your brand. Hence, leading to more engaged readers and better conversion rates.

High-Quality and Natural Backlinks:

A guest post contains links to the linked site at the publishing site. These links point to the website’s content and add value to the reader’s experience. Make sure you write effective guest posts with natural anchors to utilize to their full potential. When your guest posts give authoritative information to the readers, other sources can use your content. Hence, driving more traffic and value to your website are benefits of guest posting.

Improved Domain Authority:

Writing guest posts on websites within your industry brings more authority and relevance to the author’s website. Search engines perceive such a website as an authoritative resource; having dofollow links directly increases your website’s authority. In addition, publishing high-quality guest posts on reputable websites increases the trustworthiness and credibility of your website. The connection with trustworthy sources makes it appear to be a genuine source for a search engine. 

Increased Referral Traffic:

The traffic that comes to your website from other websites through links is called referral traffic. You invite readers when you write guest posts on high-traffic websites, and add links to your website. For this, you have to write compelling content in your guest posts so that people find value and want to read more from you. If you need any assistance with the entire process, you can contact the best guest posting services. It creates an extra inflow of relevant visitors, forming the website’s traffic metrics. Furthermore, it creates a way to convert them into loyal subscribers, and customers. Guest posts form the foundation fostering brand loyalty and building lasting relationships.

Improved Credibility:

Being present on several respected and authoritative websites instills confidence and trust in your brand. With the help of posting valuable content by showcasing expertise and thought leadership to a wider audience provides an opportunity to increase your referral traffic from specific audiences. It would create more consideration of your services and products. It is an effective way to improve rankings and build links. 

Present Yourself as a Leader:

There are several benefits of guest posting and one of them is this. Guest postings are a great way to share your expert knowledge with readers. It will build credibility and trust with potential clients & customers. When you share your expert opinion and valuable experiences with the readers, you can picture yourself as a leader. Sometimes, you share clients with other businesses to have a healthy relationship of sharing information with others. With time, you can build an online influence and, hence, create a great image on the web.

Improved Brand Awareness:

Value and impact create brand awareness. It will increase the exposure of your brand to new readers. Guest blogging is an effective way to reach a new set of broader audiences. A well-framed informative blog will serve their requirements related to the topic. Hence, they will connect with your brand and are more likely to remember the brand name. It is a major benefit of guest posting.

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Tips To Pitch It Right and Write It Right

Tips To Pitch It Right and Write It Right

The better you write, the better the results.

Invest Time:

Don’t rush to start looking for guest blogging websites and writing content. Invest proper time in careful planning, attention, and research to detail. It will help you to get a proper touch base with the new SEO practice. 

Pick the Right:

As per your industry and niche, make sure you pick suitable guest blogging websites. Research a bit and figure out which publications will be most fruitful for you. 

Give A Careful Read to the Guidelines:

Read other guest posts’ content and guidelines. It will boost your knowledge about the website, giving you a better understanding and clarity of what you can pitch and write for them. For example, a few publications rely on giving “How To” tips to their readers, and another might focus on writing personal stories and sharing experiences. The content accepted is diverse and different. So, enlist 5-7 publications you want to write for, read their guidelines, understand their content, and pitch respective ideas to them.

How to Write a Pitch:

After thorough research of the content idea, send an email with a clear email subject. Write all the details that an editor of a guest posting publishing site needs to know. Ensure that you are specific regarding the subject line and most of the content of the email.

“Pitch for Publication Name, short headline.” 

If you need any kind of assistance with it, reach the best guest posting services. The experts at Digital Brains Tech will help you with the entire end-to-end process. 

Give Your Introduction & Pitch Your Ideas:

Write a clear, concise, and crips introduction of yourself in the email. Add necessary details and get to the point. Also, add your website’s hyperlinks carefully. Also, add samples of your writing for their reference. Share ideas for a post. Try to propose 2 to 3 ideas for a guest post and give a short description of each idea. 

Showcase Your Expertise:

Include any other details in the pitch email like relevant credentials proving your valuable knowledge but in short.

Keep Track of Data:

Make sure you have all the required data for the guest blogging website you want to work on. On your Excel sheet, include the website name, website URL, domain authority, organic traffic, contact name, contact email, and status. 

Write for Their Audience:

It is a secret that the best guest posting service providers follow. They conduct thorough research on the content and target audience of their website. Understand their topics and what their readers want to read in their publications and accordingly, write your content. It will increase acceptance chances.

Include Examples and Statistics:

Real-life examples, facts, figures, and statistics are important to support your given idea. Adding such details will make your content more authoritative and persuasive. Make sure you add the latest details and recent studies’ data. It will more authenticity and value to the content. 

Use Relevant Internal Links:

Links are the main agenda while writing guest posting blogs. So, incorporate relevant and helpful links to your website and other resources. It increases credibility and benefits the reader by giving additional data to them. If you get a chance to add 2-3 links in a guest post, try to point to different pages.

Add Relevant Images:

Add relevant and engaging images to improve readability and user experience. The audience gets to engage with images more than they do with text. So, add descriptive captions to your visuals and complement the surrounding text. Include charts, graphs, and infographics, to showcase complex data in a visually attractive method. Visual representations make it more shareable. 

Authoritative Author Bio:

Without it, a guest post isn’t complete. You can give an introduction about the writer through the author’s bio. It also establishes the authority and credibility of the writer. In the bio, share achievements and notable publications, and add a personal touch to it. If possible, add a professional picture of the writer as it helps readers connect with the author and adds more of a human touch to the content piece. 

Review Time:

As you have sent the guest blog to the publishing website, now wait for their approval. They will review it and reply at their convenience. But you need to wait patiently for at least 10 days before you expect a response. You can politely follow up. 


The benefits of guest posting are numerous. It can do wonders for your website rankings on search engines if done right. 

From sending a pitch to making the right content idea as per their website, it is a chain of tasks that you have to conduct correctly. So, make sure every step is followed precisely to get the desired results. 

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