In the earlier days, marketing often involved handing out pamphlets in crowded places, but in the 21st century, the landscape has drastically evolved. These days, brands employ a mix of both traditional and digital marketing strategies.

Traditional marketing consists of methods like TV ads, radio ads, print materials, billboards, and newspaper ads. On the other hand, digital marketing utilizes digital platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Google, and Facebook.

Choosing the right marketing technique for your business depends on the target audience of the business and its goals. In order to make an informed decision, the audience’s preferences and the products’ nature are considered. There are scenarios where traditional marketing can still be effective while digital marketing offers analytics to measure performance and precise audience targeting.

Why Brands Rely on Traditional Marketing Techniques?

There are several benefits of traditional marketing techniques, they are mentioned below.


It is a budget-friendly medium for promoting services and products. It is the right choice for start-ups with low capital investment.

Brand Awareness:

Brands like Ponds, Nestle, etc. create brand awareness, confidence and reliance amongst customers by keeping them posted through schemes, offers, new products, schemes and activities.

Better ROI:

Businesses undertaking traditional marketing can book high profits at low costs.

Store AD Copies:

Viewers can also have a copy of the printed ad for future reference. They can also share copies with their relatives and friends, which will increase their brand awareness and increase their customer base.

Easy Recognition:

Traditional marketing also works on the concept that people are used to conventional ads. The target audience is the viewers of conventional ads which makes it easy for brands to market their products. As they have been committed to such ads for a long time, they can recognize it happily and easily.

Easy Connectivity:

There are no such complications in traditional marketing. Ads can be placed easily in TV channels and newspapers as per related geographical areas. Hence, connectivity with the targeted audience is easy.

Cons of Traditional Marketing

Hard to measure campaign success:

Interactions and outputs of traditional marketing are harder to measure because fetching data traditionally is not a cup of tea. It is highly frustrating for many companies. On the other hand, digital marketing allows to recording of accurate statistics and data. One can track the success of the campaign and information can be utilized for further improvements.

More expensive:

Advertising spaces can be very expensive when using traditional marketing methods such as billboards, TV and radio adverts.

Longer to reach an audience:

Campaigns based on traditional marketing can take longer to roll out. Moreover, it is very hard to make any type of edits to the material, once the advertisement is gone in the newspaper, it can’t be edited creating the pressure of doing it right the first time.

No Specifics:

Traditional marketing makes it harder to target specific groups and people. However digital marketing allows to target specific areas of the target audience.

No direct contact with customers:

Traditional marketing doesn’t allow direct interaction with customers because most of the customers are not known.

Why Digital Marketing Is the New Hype?

Internet users now make up 57% of the global population. It began the rise of digital marketing company in USA. On average, people spend 6 hours and 42 minutes online each day. It is the seed for the success of companies using digital marketing tools and techniques. Digital marketing channels include affiliate marketing, inbound marketing, website, social media, email marketing, PPC, and SEM. 

Benefits of Using Digital Marketing Techniques

Different ways of customer engagement:

Social media enables one to get an idea of the audience’s perspective regarding a brand and its marketing efforts. The parameters can be the number of shares, likes and subscribers as well as positive comments.

Easy measurement of campaign success:

Tracking digital marketing specifics is easy, and all the parameters can be tracked. The results can be analysed and the next move can be planned accordingly. For example, the results of SEO services can be analysed and modified for better performance.

Makes clever targeting possible:

With the help of digital marketing, specific marketing efforts can be made, such as targeting a 30-year-old adult musician who loves Pizza. It helps to create perfectly tailored content and hit the bull’s eye.


Most importantly, the improvement in digital marketing strategy is quite flexible as it can be changed as per marketing results. Also, it gives a chance to have two-way communication leading to more customer satisfaction. Digital marketing offers several digital platforms to the buyers/customers like e-commerce websites, social networking sites and different apps. It also helps to get feedback so that you can get an idea of improving the campaign and get better results.

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Pros of Digital Marketing

One of the major concerns is that it constantly evolves and requires a lot of effort to learn the new trends. Search engines keep on evolving the algorithms making it difficult to maintain the marketing approach. Moreover, competition with digital marketing is fierce and staying ahead of it is a daily challenge.

What to Choose?

Both forms of marketing have their advantages and disadvantages, but the crucial factor is grasping your unique marketing requirements, taking your budget into account, and comprehending your target audience. Digital marketing gives quick results and makes it easy to measure with the help of analytics tools. On the other hand, in traditional marketing, it is difficult to quantify ROI, also, users have no option to skip the ad which is there in digital devices. In the modern world where personalization is preferred, digital marketing is better as it allows targeting with customization.

Older folks like Baby Boomers and Gen X usually prefer old-school advertising like TV and newspapers. But digital marketing can work for everyone, even your aunt who loves Facebook and online shopping. The lesson is, that both digital and traditional marketing can be effective if you understand what your audience prefers.

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