Web marketing, today, is by far one of the most effective strategies for giving value and visibility to a commercial activity. What is commonly called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is none other than the set of these strategies which aim to position a website at the top of the organic results of search engines such as Google.

Those involved in marketing and SEO do not always choose to respect the rules, breaking some basic rules of search engines. Those who decide to do things right, following Google’s guidelines, can position a portal on the Big G SERP by positively exploiting its algorithm.

What is White Hat link building?

White hat borrowed from a well-known saying on the web, which identifies two fringes of hackers: those who carry out this profession to defraud people and steal sensitive data to sell to the highest bidder, and those who instead force the server to highlight flaws and notify owners. The latter is precisely called White Hat (white hat) and is naturally opposed to Black Hat (black hat).

For SEO, it works in the same way. Some marketers exploit the flaws of Google’s algorithms to get an economic return. Those who instead use algorithms without breaking any rules and only favour the positioning of websites consistent with user searches.

What is White Hat link building for?

White Hat SEO does not have a mysterious or difficult purpose of understanding: its goal is the same as anyone involved in web marketing. That is to try to study Google algorithms, satisfy the search engine robots in the best possible way and reach the top positions within the SERP, to obtain visibility and, therefore, greater earning possibilities.

Without forcing these algorithms or exploiting them to go against Google’s rules, it guarantees users the highest quality of service. In this way, those who do white hat link building have an economic return and, at the same time, favour the growth of Google precisely because it satisfies the needs of surfers. Just like an ethical hacker would do.

What are White Hat techniques?

First of all, it is good to specify one thing: white hat link building are practically identical to those of Black Hat link building. Therefore, what makes the difference is the extent of use of these techniques: it is not the instrument that is good or bad, but the use made of it. And here is that the positioning of keywords within pages and articles is a White Hat practice.

As long as it is done consistently and without falling into the Black Hat practice of Keyword Stuffing or repeating them continuously and without a logical thread. But keywords are certainly not the only ones: even Link Building can be considered a white hat link building technique unless you use the power of external links to spam. And to fool search engines when assigning the Domain Authority value.

The characteristics of White Hat link building

Google goes into more detail, and white hat link building differs from Black Hat link building because of its ethics. In this sense, web marketers aim to take charge of a job and do it in the best possible way, rewarding both the requests of companies and those of users. In other words, White Hat SEO is a means that allows these two actors to find each other quickly and easily through the tools made available by Google. White Hat, therefore, means first of all quality and only then quantity, but without ever giving up the first.

What is White Hat link building? For example

It is written only for search engines, looking exclusively for the top positions on Google. It will, in all probability, be devoid of real interest, therefore, from a black hat.

How to do White Hat link building?

Doing SEO means doing White Hat SEO: whoever does not respect the rules violates the terms of Google and causes enormous damage to the client who has commissioned a job. Operating according to the rules, therefore, is equivalent to doing a white hat link building and also to getting a job done by professionals without resorting to very dangerous shortcuts: Black Hat SEO provokes a series of heavy penalties (like Penguin and Panda), which will push that site to the bottom of the SERP rankings in no time. Black Hat SEO, therefore, is not only dangerous but also useless.

White Hat: synonymous with quality

The competition for top positions on Google’s results pages can be fierce. For this, several SEO strategies aim to improve the positioning of a site to increase its visibility and attract more traffic. Among these strategies is white hat link building, which operates on incoming links to a site.

White hat link building is an activity that consists in acquiring inbound links (backlinks) to your site to improve its positioning on search engines. Link building is the practice of internet marketing to learn how to rank a website through a search engine.

The easiest way to create a link is through a social network which is considered white hat link building. When you create a Facebook page, Twitter, or YouTube account, you can include a link to your site in both your profile information and your post. This is a great way to get to where you are in the market by giving them information and data about your business and its services.

The city council appoints people who are trained in writing. In this way, you guarantee the success of your publishing, and as a result, you will significantly improve your position in the internet search engines. Links from well-known sites specializing in the niches your business is trying to emphasize will help the SEO processes you are trying to build.

The “taste” of inbound links is great or interesting content especially links from various social networks. It is necessary to include a button for sharing all kinds of content and publications.

Link building technology to improve the company’s positioning strategies in the global market.

1. Quality of content

You need to create quality content to enhance your company’s image. These texts should be of interest to the readers who visit your site. Providing high-quality information to your users will result in a much lower bounce rate because they will stay and browse your site. Using charts to make reading more enjoyable and facilitate the sharing of information with the customer’s account. Thus, when users quote you, you receive traffic from these sites. The frequency of publication is also important.

2. Social profile

Your customers go directly to your website when you create a social profile. However, you need to know that social networks need to be constantly updated. Therefore, it is important to keep your social profile and contact information up to date so that people can contact company representatives directly in unlikely events.

3. Trust the media

Media links to your website are one of the most useful measures to determine SEO positions for your business. If the media mentions you in a note, share it with all social networks and cloud profiles to show the quality of the content. This way, you can expand the transmission range.

White hat link building means links from websites considered reliable, popular, authoritative, and relevant to the subject matter.

You can get backlinks mainly in two ways:

  • Posting in-depth, engaging, and well-written content on your site (such as blog posts, helpful guides, infographics, and white papers) can invite other users and sites to link to them spontaneously for their added value. In this case, Link building services talk about links obtained completely naturally. In this way, however, you will not have control over the sites that decide to link to you.
  • By carrying out a link-building campaign, that is, putting in place a careful strategy to conquer inbound links from a series of sites identified by you, making sure that the backlinks appear to be obtained naturally.

Benefits of guest posting for content marketing

Writing a blog post is not an easy task. Once you have decided on a topic, explain it to your readers in simple words and use the appropriate keywords. Once you have finished writing a post, you may be attracted to writing it on your blog. Publishing elsewhere may seem silly, but it has some benefits. You can achieve high-value results with Guest Posting by generating many leads and returning traffic to your site.

Benefits of writing as a guest?

Before you start brainstorming about a blog topic, you need to know what to achieve.

• You will get a huge fan base, and all you have to do is convince them with your content to increase the traffic. You can choose popular sites from your niche and publish Guest Posting to promote your business. With the extra social media sharing feature, you can increase traffic through backlinks.

• Guest blogs can improve your website’s SEO ranking. From backlinks to specific keywords. All of this helps improve SEO. However, follow best SEO practices and avoid using outdated digital marketing techniques such as keyword misuse and website creation without suspicious responses.

• It is extremely important to establish brand authority in all industries. As a content writer, your main goal is to provide genuine and useful content to your audience. When you publish your content on a reputable site, your readers will believe that the site trusts you, so your content is original and effective. 

• With Guest posting you will gain more visibility as major sites in your industry mention your name on their social media handles.