So, you want to try your luck in making a successful SEO business. We congratulate you for that.

Putting Some Limelight on SEO Business

We hope that you are well-versed with the current competition in the industry.

No, no.

Don’t worry!

We are not trying to demotivate you. Just an effort to make you have a reality check.

Building a successful SEO business has not remained the same game as it was 5 or 10 years ago. Things were simpler, and Google’s moves were predictable. But you can’t even think of what Google might bring the next morning. So, you first have to be clear and persistent and have a never-giving-up attitude if you want to be successful in building a Search Engine Optimization Business. It is because we have seen many enthusiastic beginners who give up mid-way and are not able to complete their journey wasting a lot of their time and energy.

Hope you have understood the main idea behind the story. It is to make you aware that you can’t hit the bull’s eye in your first attempt.

But You Can One Day!!!

If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Let’s gear up with an optimistic attitude.

Become Competent in SEO:

If you want to surpass competition, then you must acquire distinguished skills in SEO. We request you not to jump into the ocean without a life jacket. This means you must be certified and well-versed in the field otherwise you can cause more harm than good and keep on beating the bush. So, to ensure success for your clients then you must have the required skills otherwise you might find yourself vanishing and fading away in the online crowd. Rather than just learning from a few free basic SEO tutorials online, go for a proper course.

Start with SEO basics such as keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, technical SEO and Analytics. You need to keep on updating your knowledge base as SEO is a constantly evolving field.

You can also contact a good SEO services company which provides training and also gives live projects for practice. It would be really helpful to get hands-on training; it will equip you to jump into the market with a good experience.

Understand Search Engine Algorithms and Industry Trends:

To win over the techniques of Google, you must have an in-depth understanding of Google Algorithms because they are frequent so you have to stay up-to-date with the latest changes. Moreover, user experience is a critical factor such as website speed, ease of navigation and mobile-friendliness. You must stay informed about the latest trends and best practices. You should also keep up with industry trends and developments. It helps to stay competitive, adapt to algorithm updates, embrace new technologies and build credibility in the market. With the apt knowledge, you can provide cutting-edge SEO strategies to your clients and grow with them.

Showing > Telling:

Having a strong online presence with a set of keywords ranking on the top SERPs will be like showing your work to the clients. It will build their confidence in you and they will consider you as an SEO business company. It is because everyone needs results and not fake commitments. You need to think from your client’s perspective as well because they would be investing their money, and time and yes, they deserve good results. So, it is better to build a strong ground for your SEO skills. You can start with a simple blog and start working on it.

Be Specific for The Initial Period:

To get a hold of the market, you can choose a niche for your SEO business. It would make your targeted area more focused and you can carve a space for yourself which will reduce many distractions and let you concentrate on your selected niche. Working on a specific set of clients will make you well-versed in it, giving you a healthy experience and strengthening your backbone.

Selective Services in The Beginning:

There is a pool of services that you can offer in your SEO business. But we would suggest to decide a list of services you want to offer. As you are just beginning, you can specialise in one area as well along with certain niches. For example, you can choose onsite SEO and offsite SEO for the first few months and then upgrade your services to PPC, social media management and advertising campaigns. You can begin by providing link building services. For that, you can use Digital PR where you can manage a brand’s online reputation and build relationships. Also, editorial source platforms can offer you insights and can gain a valuable backlink. Guest blogging is a link-building technique where articles are published on external websites as contributors or guest authors. You can write helpful content for them, acquire backlinks and gain exposure. We would suggest you to begin providing your services in your nation and then move to big countries like link building services in USA and grow more.

Hustle to Find Clients:

Now, you are ready to start offering your services to clients. You might have heard about freelancing websites but you need to kick-start your career and it is not easy working with freelancing websites because you might find over-expectations with a small budget. You can also try cold calling and sending emails. It might seem a daunting experience in the beginning but with time you would learn how to sell your services via calls and emails. We believe in finding the right clients to approach.

What Not to Do:

There are some link-building services that you should avoid such as:

  • Private Blog Networks: These are collections of websites owned by a person that all link to one another. The links from such websites can be bought to amplify results but they are designed to manipulate search engine rankings which violates Google’s link spam policies.
  • Authority-Boosting Services: Google doesn’t consider Authority Score yet; many providers say that their rankings have improved after utilising authority score-boosting services. Such services are provided by building links from spam domains. It is spam too because they do nothing to improve your website’s authority.
  • Low-Quality Press Releases: A press release is an announcement distributed to the media to recognize a company’s achievements as well as promote brand awareness. But many companies create too many press releases to acquire links and on the contrary, tend to damage their reputation by frustrating journalists. So, it is better to stick with authenticity and behave credibly.

Bonus: Learn how to reap maximum SEO benefits for business and maximise your growth.

Don’t Be a One-Man Army:

It is important to minimize unnecessary distractions. Ensure that you don’t take all the work into your own hands otherwise, you might have to cry over the spilled milk. You can invest in a content writer, a business developer and even an accountant. These people will help you to lower your burden levels. You might be well-educated to handle your balance sheet but there is no gain in spending countless hours every year in filling tax returns. Using invoice software is also a modern way of saving time and energy and getting things done. You can also use Artificial Intelligence tools to assist you in some tasks.


And an SEO person is always optimistic and a game changer. So, counteracting your expectations was necessary so that you can think twice before making the decision. We hope that the above-mentioned simple and easy tricks will help you achieve your dream of building a successful SEO business. We’ve curated these points based on our experience. The suggestions are offered from an advisory perspective, allowing you to learn from our mistakes and invest your time and energy in building a more successful SEO business.