What is SEO?

SEO is the optimization for search engines. SEO’s primary purpose is to improve the ranking of businesses on any search engine. This can be done either by paying something or for free.

How organic traffic and paid results (PPC) are different from each other?

The SEO organic results are the results that come into view in different search engines without paying something. The organic results are obtained by using other methods. PPC is a way to get ranking, but in that case, users have to pay some amount to search engines.

What are Meta Descriptions of a web page, and what info user will get from Meta descriptions?

A Meta description of web page is a text that shows below your search engine results page that describes what the user will get if they on the above link . The Meta description still matters, but not in the same way as before. During a time, they were a fundamental element to optimize keywords; now, their fundamental role is to seduce, with something convincing, readers to invite them to click and improve the site’s conversion rate.

Should you optimize your domain name to include the keywords?

Your main website domain should not have a keyword forcefully. It is good that the company’s name has a keyword, but always naturally. Example:
inboundmarketingsoftwarebloggingsocialseoemarketingautomation.com Do you think it is a domain that will index better? The answer is no; the search engines will detect that the keywords are not placed naturally.

How do I be familiar with when I am using the accurate number of keywords on a web ?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the magic wand to tell you the exact number of keywords to place on a page to maximize your SEO (although that’s the wrong way to think about keyword optimization).

Number of internal links that is must on each web page to get good search engine ranking?

Just as you should avoid filling in too many keywords on your page, you should also avoid introducing too many internal links on your site. Only include them when it adds value and improves the user experience.

Is it necessary to know the code to optimize the SEO of your page?

You do not need to know code to or optimize items related to search engines. Although there are some more advanced SEO tactics, you need a basic knowledge of code, for this one can take the help of Professional SEO Services.

Why need of robots.txt file in SEO?

The robots.txt file is a page found by search engines, and it contains information about the pages of a company that wants to be indexed or crawled. You can locate this web page by typing your domain /robots.

What is Sitemap and what types of sitemaps?

A sitemap is a file that reveals what is the layout of the website which includes the pages, content as well as the relationships between them. Search engines make use of sitemaps to make it easier for them to crawl websites.

Types Of sitemaps:

  • XML sitemaps are files that are written in a specific format that is designed specifically to be used by search engine crawlers
  • HTML Sitemaps that appear like regular pages, and aid users navigate through the website.

What is the basic difference between the indexed and the crawled content?

As search engines crawl your website, the content in the index is what will be indexed. One important thing to remember is that not all of the content on your website is indexed. Search engines take up the content that shows as they go through the indexing process. To index content, a good content marketing plan must be used.

What is the maximum time needed to get quality SEO results?

There are a series of factors that affect the timing in which results will be achieved through SEO:

– What amount of content you created?

– The contents of the ads

– How does the content resonate with your target audience?

-The authority of your domain.

In short, a large ‘site’ could see results in a couple of days since search engines crawl your website regularly. Smaller sites will have to wait longer to achieve results. Also, many other factors affect SEO results.

Is SEO the only thing of big companies?

Not at all. Any company can hire Digital marketing services, to boost their business. Both the natural positioning and paid SEO assists to get better the brand alertness of the corporation. There are small companies that have come to beat large companies by merely doing better SEO…

Is SEO something fixed?

Not at all. Google, from time to time, changes the rules of getting good SEO results. And the parameters that you consider more or less essential to reward or punish a company change regularly. Therefore, when we talk about SEO services, you should always hire expert to get good ranking.

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